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It is not easy for thirty fifth-graders to go the Met and joyously learn about art.  But that is exactly what MMatM did with our class from P.S. 96 in the Bronx.  The tour peaked the students’ interests and our tour guide’s expertise, grace, and poise captivated the children.  

Victoria Serricchio, fifth grade teacher at PS-96

“A wonderful experience, seamless from beginning to end.”

Our tour guide began our tour by taking the students to look at the Greek and Egyptian artifacts.  The students were fascinated by the account of the stories depicted on the artifacts.  We were then brought to see Rodin’s “The Burghers of Calais,” where we learned how this masterpiece related to our classroom study of human rights. Throughout the tour, the students pondered great questions and were engaged in deep conversation.   We ended the tour by viewing the stunning painting, “Washington Crossing the Delaware.”   The students were amazed by the sheer enormity of the paining, and learned of the great sacrifices made by the patriots fighting in the American Revolution.  Ultimately, our class had a wonderful experience and MMatM’s tour was seamless from beginning to end.

Audrey Marutollo, fifth grade teacher at PS-96